The Putting Green That Rolls True

Real practice for the real course
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Improve your technique and lower your score from the comfort and convenience of home.

Premium, tour-grade turf and innovative design create the most realistic putting mat that seamlessly goes from storage to ready for game-time practice in seconds.

Detail-obsessed features that level up your practice and skills.

  • Tour-grade turf

    Durable, ½” thick turf ensures a true roll on any in-home floor surface and gives the same feedback as an actual putting green.

  • Seamless storage to setup

    Intuitive, simple to use design allows setup in minutes. Flexible, no-memory turf material guarantees to lay flat immediately, while making roll-up and storage quick and easy.

  • Game-changing cups

    Sink up to four putts in a row with game-changing cups made from the same durable plastic used on golf courses. Maximize accurate feedback while minimizing the need for retrieval.

Endorsed by PGA Teacher & Coach of the Year 2021, David Zimmaro

David Zimmaro
🇺🇸 Pennsylvania
Verified customer
10, Sep 2022
"The “real feel” is outstanding, and it allows for a flat putting surface to focus on alignment and accuracy.
Being versatile to indoor and outdoor practice, the quality of the mat really shines through. The “real feel” is outstanding, and it allows for a flat putting surface to focus on alignment and accuracy. Putting on bumpy, thin surfaces like traditional putting mats can be frustrating and unproductive. The look of the mat doesn’t disappoint.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Frequently Asked Questions

What are PrimePutt indoor putting mats made out of?

To replicate the feel and experience of a PGA-level putting green, our product is made from tour-grade nylon turf. The PrimePutt indoor putting mat was designed with the help of PGA Tour pros and golf experts.

What surface is best for an indoor putting mat?

Although you can use PrimePutt indoor putting mats on any surface to improve your game, we recommend hard, level surfaces such as tile flooring or hardwood. If these are unavailable in your home, we recommend using our custom standing pad next to the mat to prevent movement.

Which putting mat size should I buy?

The right putting mat size for you depends on your practice goals and the available space in your home. If you want to practice long putts, we suggest our 15-foot XXL mat. If you only have a small area to practice in your home or office, our compact model is recommended.

Do PrimePutt indoor putting mats require assembly?

PrimePutt is ready to use right out of the box. Just pick your surface, insert the custom-made cups, and grab your putter.

Are PrimePutt putting mat cups the same as traditional ones?

A critical part of our innovative putting mat design is how our cups improve on traditional putting greens by clearing your shots as you make them. This means you can take more putts in a row without stopping to retrieve the ball from the cup. In addition to adding convenience and reducing setup time, our painstakingly-developed cup design perfectly recreates the experience of a full-depth cup.

How thick are PrimePutt indoor putting mats?

Our putting mat uses half-inch tour grade nylon turf to best replicate an authentic outdoor putting green. Our no-memory material also ensures that the mat lays flat even after being rolled up and stored for long periods.

How does the backstop work?

PrimePutt's hardwood backstop is carefully made and designed to keep long putts from bouncing back. The top of our backstop also has a groove that's made to hold extra balls during practice.

Will an indoor putting mat improve my game?

Only consistent practice can improve your golf game. That being said, having on-demand access to a premium putting mat can help you stay on track with practice sessions. Whether it's inclement weather or you have a busy schedule, an indoor putting mat is an excellent replacement for practice on an outdoor green.