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05, Oct 2022
"Rolls very good and is a tour speed putting mat."
One of the best I’ve used.
Sean O'Hair
🇺🇸 Arizona
Verified customer
10, Sep 2022
"The “real feel” is outstanding, and it allows for a flat putting surface to focus on alignment and accuracy.
Being versatile to indoor and outdoor practice, the quality of the mat really shines through. The “real feel” is outstanding, and it allows for a flat putting surface to focus on alignment and accuracy. Putting on bumpy, thin surfaces like traditional putting mats can be frustrating and unproductive. The look of the mat doesn’t disappoint.
David Z.
🇺🇸 Pennsylvania
Verified customer
19, Sep 2022
"The highest quality and truest rolling putting mat I have come across"
The attention to detail on the turf, the cups, and the wooden flags/stopper are a level above the many others I have bought over the years.
Nick G.
🇺🇸 Maryland
Verified customer
17, Sep 2022
“I will be purchasing this for all the people in my life who love golf!”
Looks beautiful in our family room and it's a perfect conversation starter when we have company. I love the wood accents - incredibly high-end and sleek.
Kristina L.
🇺🇸 Virginia
Verified customer
09, Sep 2022
"Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to improve their putting."
Putts rolled very true and turf feels top notch. I really liked the simplicity of the design and that it lays flat on the ground.
Chris B.
🇺🇸 Virginia
Verified customer
14, Sep 2022
"This is by far the best putting mat I’ve ever used. The material is so realistic."
Throw this putting mat in your house or office and you’ll get compliments non- stop. My wife gave me permission to leave this putting mat out because it’s so beautiful.
Matt L.
🇺🇸 South Carolina
Verified customer
19, Sep 2022
"Really awesome way to improve your putting stroke, while feeling like you’re at the course!"
Amazing surface that gives the true feeling of a green. Absolutely love the sleek look.
Will L.
🇺🇸 Virginia
Verified customer

Endorsed by PGA Teacher & Coach of the Year 2021, David Zimmaro

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