Golf became

a form of therapy

At PrimePutt we obsessed over every little detail, working with

experts to innovate something as simple as a putting mat.

We focused on the things that mattered most to golfers wanting to lower their scores:

Perfect feedback
Our mat is the closest thing to putting on real grass.
Developing good form
Build muscle memory by making putt after putt with our innovative cup design.
Lifetime durability
PrimePutt is a mat that will perform perfectly and last forever.

PrimePutt is for everyone

Golfers who can't get enough golf, golfers who want to lower their scores, golfers who want to practice on high-quality, trustworthy products, and golfers picking up a putter for the first time

The story behind PrimePutt

I started PrimePutt because, as a dad and golf nut, I needed to find ways to practice the sport I love with less time on my hands.

I started practicing putting at home, and I soon realized there wasn't a product out there that lived up to my standards.

The PrimePutt putting mat is everything you need and nothing you don't. Plus - it fits and looks amazing in any home.

Our mission at PrimePutt

Encouraging golfers

PrimePutt's tour-quality putting mat gives golfers of all skill levels the ability to play, practice, and enjoy golf year-round.

Expertise and passion

Our putting mat was created by golfers for golfers. We have incredibly high standards and won't stop tweaking our putting mat until it's perfect.

Customer is our #1 priority

We believe that premium products need to have premium service.

We obsessed over every little detail

It may not look like it, but every single corner, curve,
and material choice of the PrimePutt putting mat was
painstakingly evaluated, tested, and debated.

We challenged ourselves to make something that
looked so simple, yet so elegant.

A glimpse into our design journey

100 +
Design hours
20 +
Materials tested
30 +

We obsess over the little things because we know that's what matters. Golfers desire performance and quality, but practicing at this level can't always be done indoors. We sought to create impactful and game-changing putting mats for any size room, enabling superior practice at any time of the year.

No-block backstop

PrimePutt's no-block backstop keeps missed putts from getting in the way of your practice. Made of premium hardwood and carefully designed to stop balls from bouncing back, it also features an added groove along the backstop's top edge to hold extra balls for longer practice sessions.

Game-changing cups

Unlike other indoor putting mats, which require you to cut or resize the cups, our cup design perfectly recreates the experience of a full-depth cup, allowing you to sink up to three consecutive putts before clearing. We rigorously tested this design against traditional, full-depth holes to ensure the misses miss, the makes go in, and that your putting practice is as close to the real thing as possible.

The values that drive everything we do

Our products are designed with the lifelong golfer in mind. Because of that, we've taken our time to source only the best materials and craft a premium product you'll keep with you for years. Whether you practice for ten minutes or ten hours daily, our indoor putting mat holds up to even the most avid golfer's practice schedule.

The values that drive

everything we do


A great product means nothing without world-class support. We stand behind our products, and if you're not happy with your PrimePutt product, we provide a money-back guarantee. We understand your time is valuable, and our customer service team will promptly help with any questions or concerns as soon as possible.


We believe that our product’s value is about more than what’s inside the box. Our products represent aspirations, wellness, and self-improvement. When we design products, we keep your goals in mind to make sure we can help you achieve them, and our customers feel the difference. Golf can bring us joy and fulfillment, which is why we strive to support the things in life that improve our physical and mental health.


We designed our product to work in any size room and on any type of flooring. It takes a few seconds to roll out or stow away, making practicing convenient from practically anywhere. PrimePutt also works outdoors, but be careful exposing it to the elements over long periods of time.


Golf doesn't belong indoors; we had to put our heads together to replicate the feel of an actual putting green without taking shortcuts. We knew we needed something lightweight, durable, easy to maintain, and, most of all, realistic. After extensive strategizing and testing, we developed a high-performing practice mat.


We worked with experts in turf and materials science to make the green as real as possible. Our team made several prototypes, tested different materials, and changed the designs to make the putting mat feel like a real green. Our mats don't just feel right—they’l last and roll true every time.


At our core, we believe that health, wellness, fitness, and sports is not only for those who can afford it. While our products are available at a variety of price points, they are designed to last a long time for use by golfers of all skill levels. We embody this inclusivity in every touchpoint of our business.

Improve your technique and lower your score
from the comfort and convenience of home.