A letter from the founder

I started PrimePutt because I wanted to do more of what I loved - golf. After playing it with friends and family, it didn’t take long for me to become obsessed. I love how it challenges you and how it helps you grow. Golf became a form of therapy.

Then life got busy. I had children, new responsibilities, and a packed calendar. I needed to find a way to keep improving, even with less and less time. So I focused on the one thing that could really lower my scores and I could do any time of year, any time of day, in any size room: putting. I tried lots of different at-home putting mats, but none met my expectations for quality and feedback. So I designed my own. 

At PrimePutt we obsessed over every little detail, working with experts to innovate something as simple as a putting mat. We focused on the things that mattered most to golfers wanting to lower their scores:

  • Perfect feedback

    our mat is the closest thing to putting on real grass.

  • Developing good form

    build muscle memory by making putt after putt with our innovative cup design.

  • Lifetime durability

    PrimePutt is a mat that will perform perfectly and last forever.

The story behind PrimePutt

I started PrimePutt because, as a Dad and golf nut, I needed to find ways to practice the sport I love with less time on my hands.

So I started practicing putting at home. And I soon realized there wasn't a product out there that lived up to my standards.

The PrimePutt putting mat is everything you need and nothing you don't. Plus - it fits and looks amazing in any home.

We obsessed over every little detail

It may not look like it, but every single corner, curve, and material choice of the PrimePutt putting mat was painstakingly evaluated, tested, and debated.

We challenged ourselves to make something that looked so simple, yet so elegant.

We went through many iterations until we found the perfect mat.

We built PrimePutt for golfers who can’t get enough golf. Golfers that want to lower their scores.  Golfers that want to practice on high-quality, trustworthy products.  

Improve your technique and lower your score from the comfort and convenience of home.