Putt Your Way to Success: 10 Benefits of an Indoor Putting Green
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Putt Your Way to Success: 10 Benefits of an Indoor Putting Green

Understand the top benefits of using an indoor putting mat, why practicing your putting is important, and where to practice when you don't have access to an outdoor facility.
By Alexis Bennett, Former D1 Head Coach on

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An indoor putting green or putting mat could be the saving grace when it comes to short game practice for amateur and professional golfers alike. Whether you don't have access to a practice putting green, lack membership to a country club, or are stuck indoors due to weather, there are many reasons your handicap may not be dropping as quickly as you’d like. It all comes down to consistently practicing your putting. 

Is Practicing Putting Really That Important? 

Approximately half of your shots are taken from the putting green in a single round of golf. That’s 25-35 strokes every 18 holes! However, this is where many golfers spend the least amount of time in a practice session. 

Ask any professional golfer to give you one piece of advice on where to focus your time practicing, and they'll tell you to stick to the putting surface. But what if you don't have access to one? A putting mat may be exactly what you are looking for to get some extra reps in between rounds.

Why Use a Golf Putting Mat Instead of the Real Thing? 

Not everyone has access to pristine practice facilities like those at country clubs or even those available at a public municipal course, for that matter. Even if you do play public courses more often than not, many do not offer practice facilities or putting greens to warm up on prior to play. 

This leaves the vast majority of weekend warriors unable to work on their golf games outside of a typical round of golf. This doesn’t even account for the millions of golfers living in northern climates without access to outdoor golf for up to 6 months, let alone adequate putting greens. In many locations, an indoor putting surface is the only reprieve to scratch the golf itch over the long winter months.

Being able to work on your putting stroke, using your favorite alignment tool or training aid, doesn't have to be limited to outdoor golf. An indoor putting green or putting mat may be the only option many golfers have to improve their game. 

Having an indoor putting green also allows friends and family who don't play golf regularly to join in on the fun. Golf can be very intimidating for first-timers. To those that have never played before, there are a lot of rules, an unspoken guide to etiquette, and, of course, the difficulty of the sport itself. Allowing these folks the option to putt with you in a fun, comfortable, and more relaxed setting might spark a desire to want to learn more about the game. This will afford you more playing partners when the weather warms up!

What to Look for in Indoor Putting Greens

What’s the best indoor putting green or mat, and what features, price point, material, and quality should you look for?

Details matter. Finding the right putting green or putting mat is essential. Not all are created equal. Depending on your primary goal, how much space you have to dedicate, desired green speeds, mat length, and cost are all factors to weigh when deciding which mat to purchase. 

Key things to look for when shopping for your practice putting green or putting mat: 

  • Indoor or outdoor use (ideally both)
  • Tour-grade turf and high-quality material
  • Storage and setup requirements
  • Durability
  • Hole sizes
  • Flooring needs
  • Ability for customization 
  • Cost and budget 

There are many different brands of putting mats on the market. If any of what you have read so far resonates with you, Prime Putt indoor putting mats could be exactly what you are looking for. 

Top Benefits of Using an Indoor Putting Mat

Whether you are at home or in the office, having the ability to consistently practice your putting is key to being able to make more putts and become a more consistent putter.  Investing in a high-quality indoor putting mat with the feel of tour quality turf could be the answer you've been searching for to ensure you walk away with packed pockets from your Sunday skins game. 

Accessibility is the one thing standing between you and your best round of putting yet. But that is something you have control over. Everyone has a favorite training or alignment aid, but few get to use them due to lack of practice time and available facilities. Being able to walk into your living room and spend 30-45 minutes working on stroke maintenance with your trusty putting mirror makes practicing putting easy. Having an indoor putting mat to transfer those techniques to makes it even easier. 

Golf is a game, after all, and you should have fun playing it! Becoming a better putter will guarantee more fun on and around the greens.

There really aren't many cons to owning an indoor putting mat.There are a lot of pros, and having one you can utilize regularly could have you putting like the pros in no time. 

There are countless benefits of using an indoor putting mat:

1. Weather is a non-issue

One of the biggest benefits of an indoor putting mat is being able to practice your putting game indoors. Simply put, there isn’t such a thing as an off-season when you own an indoor putting green. While this perk is particularly beneficial for those who live in cooler climates, it can also be advantageous to those who live in tropical areas where rain is commonplace. Rain or shine, snow or hail, you can still hit the links from the comfort of your own home with a putting mat.

2. Easy maintenance (no lawn mower required)

For those who have attempted to have an outdoor putting green, you will know that maintaining one is a challenging task. Not only do you have to spend time mowing and watering the grasses, but the money spent on fertilizers and pest-control chemicals quickly adds up. Indoor putting greens are a whole other ball game. These mats are easy to maintain because, generally speaking, you don’t have to do anything to maintain them. Additionally, fake grass has no time limit; meaning no worrying about killing the grass beneath your feet to improve your putting.

3. Cost-effective

Many people’s hesitation with purchasing an indoor putting green revolves around the price tag. While buying an indoor putting mat can feel like a big purchase, it's very often a one-and-done situation. These mats are built to be extremely durable, and if you purchase a high-quality mat, you will not see any signs of wear or tear for years to come. Because many of these mats also utilize the same materials as real-life greens, it's rare for any blemishes, kinks, bumps, or dents to crop up on your putting green.

4. A friendly and fun way to socialize with friends and family

While you might be purchasing your indoor putting green for yourself, that doesn’t mean that other people can’t enjoy it too. Whether you are trying to teach a friend or a significant other how to putt or simply want to get your kids to put down their phones, golf is a game that everyone can enjoy. Bonding over an indoor putting green can create a hobby for your whole family and the start of a lifetime of memories.

5. Focused space to dedicate to your short game without distraction from the driving range

Golf can be an intimidating game for amateurs trying to improve. During the summer months, golf courses are typically flooded with solo golfers and groups alike. It can quickly begin to feel like all eyes are on you, especially when you are trying to take things slow and be patient with your putts. While indoor putting mats are beneficial for both experts and amateurs, it can be particularly nice for beginners to practice in the privacy of their own homes. You will never feel the need to rush, and you can always take as much time as you need without impatient golfers waiting behind you on the course. 

6. Mimics a real-life green

Remember when we mentioned that high-quality putting mats mimic real-life golf greens? Well, we weren’t joking. PrimePutt’s indoor putting mat was built with consultations from turf and material scientists. The green comprises tour-grade turf, while the backstops and flagsticks are made of premium FSC-certified walnut. After practicing on this mat, you can directly apply your experience to your game on a real golf course.

7. Storable and Portable

If your significant other or roommates don’t want your indoor putting green taking over your home, no problem. Indoor putting mats are very easy to move and store. For instance, PrimePutt’s mat is made of relatively lightweight materials. Rolling it up and putting it in a closet or garage should take only a few minutes. Once you roll it out again for your next putting session, it will always lie flat. You won’t need to use weights or iron or even wait for the mat to flatten out on its own naturally.

8. Customizable to fit your exact needs and space

PrimePutt’s putting green is customizable to fit your exact needs and space, meaning this product can be placed almost anywhere, whether you want it in an empty corridor or guest room. If you, your roommates, or your significant other do not want the putting green in your apartment, it can easily be transported to your office or workspace. In fact, using your putting green throughout the workday is a great way to take a small break, get some exercise, reflect, and relieve stress.

9. Stress Relief

Speaking of relieving stress, did you know that golf can improve your mental health as well as your physical health? Putting gives your brain a mental workout — as you plan your shot and visualize yourself sticking the putt, you are focusing on success, which increases self-esteem and lowers stress levels. While you might not be getting your daily dose of vitamin D the same way on a regular golf course, the mental and emotional benefits remain.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Putting is very much a learned skill. The more time you spend putting, the more you will have the “touch” in your muscle memory to confidently hit a putt. The “feel” in your arms to accomplish that stroke can only be accrued through practice and experience. Getting that experience under your belt is one of the biggest benefits of owning an indoor putting mat. You should spend at least one-third of your allocated golf practice time on putting. Purchasing an indoor golf mat can help you achieve that.

The benefits of using an indoor putting mat and being able to practice your putting indoors make purchasing one a worthwhile investment. If you have the time, dedication, and desire, becoming a better putter is within reach. You don't have to invest thousands for the initiation fee to a private golf course or a host of funky training and alignment aids, a customized putting green will cost less than standard drivers on the market today, which only get used a maximum of 14 times per round. The putter is the club that makes a much bigger impact on your score, and arguably your enjoyment of the game. Get the most out of it.

Ready to Up Your Putting Game? Purchase the Best Putting Mat Available Today!


Here are some commonly asked questions about indoor putting mats and practicing your putting indoors. 

Can you practice putting indoors? 

Yes! Practicing putting indoors is easy with an indoor putting mat. Putting accounts for approximately 43 percent of your total shots, meaning this stroke is arguably the most important to your golf game. The more you practice, the better your putting game and the lower your final scores will be.  

What are the best indoor putting mats? 

It depends on how much room you have and how long you would like your green to be. Find one that fits your budget, available space, and is customizable. PrimePutt's customizable feature makes it the perfect practice putting mat.

Are indoor putting mats worth it? 

Yes. For those that don't have access to a country club or practice facility, an indoor golf putting green may be their only option to get better. The same goes for the millions of people living up north that only have access to outdoor golf 6 months out of the year. 

What can I use to practice putting at home? 

While many golfers like having an outdoor green, it can be time-consuming and expensive to maintain. An indoor putting mat is a great supplement to practicing your putting at home. It’s a lot more cost-efficient and requires little to no maintenance. 

Are indoor putting mats expensive? 

The cost of an indoor putting green depends on the size and complexity of the green and the type of materials used. Prices range from approximately $500 for a basic, small indoor putting green to several thousand dollars for a custom-made, professional-grade green.

Is it hard to maintain an indoor putting green? 

Depending on the style of indoor putting green you have installed, there may be little maintenance whatsoever. If you buy a high-quality mat, there should be no kinks, dents, or any signs of wear and tear on your green, even after months of use. 

Should I practice putting at home? 

There is no better place to work on your putting stroke than at home. You are relaxed and in control of the environment that you are practicing your putting in. You will also never be pressured by other golfers waiting for their turn on the green.

How much does it cost to put an indoor putting green in your house?

If you are attempting to build an indoor putting green in your home, the cost of installing a 200-square-foot green is approximately 4,300. Bigger greens can cost upwards of $9,000. Purchasing a putting mat is a more cost-effective alternative. 

How do I make an indoor putting green at home?

First, you must build the foundation, including the outer and inner frames. Then, you must secure plywood and drill holes for cups. Next, you must install cups, glue down the green, add trim turf, cut cup holes, and add in a ball stop.

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