The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Indoor Putting Green

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Indoor Putting Green

Understand the top 5 benefits of having an indoor putting green and what to look for when purchasing or installing one in your home.
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Golf is a game that can be played for a lifetime, regardless of what stage of life you're in when you start playing. For beginners, it can be intimidating to step out on the links for the very first time. There are even some players who have a hard time taking it from the practice tee to the course and never overcome the anxiety associated with playing a full 18 holes. If that sounds familiar, just know it makes you human; you are not alone in that feeling.

Whether you love practicing your golf game, have a general obsession with the game, or want to learn but cannot see yourself playing an actual round of golf yet, indoor putting green could be the answer to all of your prayers.

If having your own personal golf oasis void of the anxiety that comes with playing a serious round is a dream of yours, we've got you covered. If you want to start owning your Sunday skins game but don't have a place to practice, stick with us, and you'll just see how easy creating the best indoor putting green and practice area can be. As they say, "drive for show, putt for dough." There's no doubt that buying drinks with the money you took off your playing competitors always makes the drinks taste better!

Putting like Dustin Johnson may be closer than you think. The one thing he has over you is likely the amount of time he spends practicing, and we don't just mean at the driving range. The confidence he has in making pressure putts is almost innate, and it's not because he is perceived as a god among men. But he (and arguably all PGA Tour pros) practice putting way more than the average amateur golfer does. The problem is, we don't all have the same access to five-star facilities as the pros do, let alone access to a great putting green. We have a solution that might be just what you are looking for.

Soon, we'll have you one click away from the best indoor putting greens you can imagine, so there will be no excuse not to reach Golf Channel-level skill. What could be better than gaining access to your very own personal practice facility built to meet your specific needs? There is a long list of benefits to giving yourself access to the perfect practice putting mat, but here are just five good reasons to consider making an indoor green a fixture of your home entertainment space.

Top 5 Benefits of Having an Indoor Putting Green

Having an indoor putting green can serve various purposes. Obviously, you can work on your putting stroke at home and on your time, but it also means you don't have to join a country club, your practice won't depend on a favorable forecast, and you could become the go-to entertainment destination for your friend group!

1. Not Weather Dependent

No matter what region of the country or world you are in, with an indoor putting green, the perfect practice space is always just a few steps away. Rain, snow, sleet, hail, immense heat, hurricanes—it doesn't matter. The weather will never be a factor that stands between you and your ability to spend some quality time on the putting greens.

2. Easy to Maintain

We have all seen the maintenance crews at the golf course well before dawn; they truly are the dew sweepers of the sport. With an indoor setup, on the other hand, you'll never have to worry about fertilization, watering, mowing height, different types of grass, or temperature shock. Everything that goes into maintaining a golf course isn't necessarily related to turf-putting greens. Instead, you've got a putting surface that can be used on either the carpet or hardwood floor, still gives the feel and true roll of a real green, and can be stored easily if extra space is not readily available in your home.

Some people think that practicing the same straight, uphill putt with a return system on an indoor putting green is the only way to use one. But, in reality, there are still ways to change green speeds, create breaking putts, and create the need for distance control indoors.

3. Increased Confidence

Where does true confidence come from? Successful and mindful repetition. Having access to an indoor putting mat made of high-quality material that offers instant feedback in the comfort of your own home is the perfect recipe for developing confidence on the green.

Carving out time to work on your putting stroke and making it part of your routine is exactly what it takes to make those knee-wobbling three-footers feel like tap-ins. The only difference between most elite-level golfers and PGA Tour pros is their level of commitment to practice. They are confident they can pull off the shots they do because they practice them incessantly.

4. Improved the Value of Your Home

Whether you want your house to be the talk of the town or the nest to be empty, creating a little extra room, if you can dream it, there's someone out there who can build it. If you want to be able to work on speed control, putting in stroke maintenance, or play full, virtual rounds of golf, anything's possible. Not only can you build the ultimate golf den, but you can have it built to your exact specifications, making it fully customizable.

Adding your dream indoor golf setup will absolutely raise the value of your home. It doesn't matter if you live in an area where playing golf outdoors is only accessible six months out of the year or in a golfing hotbed where tee times are hard to come by. Having an indoor putting green and/or golf simulator not only gives you access where you otherwise didn't have it, but it makes your house much more valuable.

5. Cost Effective

The best indoor putting green for boosting confidence is the one that best fits your space and budget. You'd be surprised at how many options there are out there that don't have to break the bank; many are a lot cheaper than you probably think. Compared to the hefty initiation fee that comes along with joining a country club, installing an indoor putting green costs pennies on the dollar. If you don't have the capital to join your home course but still want to play regularly and have a place to practice, investing in an indoor putting mat allows you to do both.

The Best Indoor Putting Mats

There is a mile-long list of characteristics that make an indoor putting mat a worthwhile investment for beginners and avid golf enthusiasts alike. Most importantly, there are options for small spaces that are within your budget, customizable to your needs, and fit the layout of your home.

PrimePutt mats are not only made of high-quality turf that feels like a real putting green, but they are also fully customizable and move easily from storage to setup. PrimePutt is the gold standard when it comes to indoor putting mats. With our inclusion of real holes, the cup design that sends the ball to the back so you can roll another ball to the same hole, and the no-slip rubber backing, you will hardly notice a difference the next time you putt outside.

There are other brands of putting mats, like Birdie Ball, Putter Ball, SKLZ, and WELLPUTT. However, none of these provide the customization and tour-quality materials that ensure the true feel of a putting green that PrimePutt does.

Buying a Putting Green: What Do I Need to Look for?

Now that you have decided an indoor putting green is the next DIY project you want to invest in, there are a few things to be sure to take into consideration when doing so. The most important characteristics that go into making the perfect indoor putting green can be found here:


Things to look for when purchasing your ideal indoor putting green can range from whether it lays flat or rolls up, if it is rubbernecked, if it is a solid piece of material, or if it has interlocking panels. Aside from physical characteristics, other factors to consider include accessory options. Is there a ball return option? Does it offer smaller holes? Are there undulation capabilities in its design? Does the turf mimic that of a real green, offering realistic roll?

What's Included

When making your ideal indoor putting green, it might be important to consider the accessories that go with it. Does it come with realistic holes, flag sticks, training aids, a chipping mat, and is there an option to add a simulator if you wanted. Do you want the capability to work on all aspects of your short game and not just your putting stroke? If it is, having the option of a chipping mat and/or net may be an important deciding factor for you. Do you want to be able to play full virtual rounds of golf? If so, having the ability to add a simulator might be a key factor in deciding which company and product to go with.

Who It's For

Is this for you so you can work on your game and be the new Sunday skins champion, or is it for the family? Are you looking to be the premier destination house for entertaining your friends? Depending who you're putting green is for will determine how you want it designed and what key features are non-negotiable.

How it Works

Whether it's a simple rectangular putting mat you can roll up and store easily or it's a custom-designed putting green that fills up your basement, they both work differently. One is portable, and one isn't. One has a myriad of accessory options, and the other could be seen as an accessory in its own right. Depending on what you are looking for, one option may have assembly requirements while the other is installed by professionals. Either way, understanding what your wants and needs are will help you hone in on exactly what you are looking for. Once you determine that, you can either purchase an easy-to-use and easy-to-store putting mat or you can fully customize it and have it permanently installed. Both options are designed to help you engage in consistent practice in pursuit of lowering your stroke average.

Indoor/Outdoor Capabilities

Is the product you are looking at capable of being used both indoors and outdoors? This may be a very important factor for someone that has both room in their home and outside of it to use their putting green or mat. In that case, its portability would also be an important factor.


Can your indoor putting green or mat be easily stored? Is it something that takes up a lot of space and isn't intended to be put away, rather than be out and available at all times? Aside from your budget, the most important thing to consider when buying an indoor putting green is how much space you have to set up the green or mat.


Depending on how portable you want your indoor putting green to be, the weight could be a major factor in deciding which company to go with. While lighter mats will be easier to store and move around, heavier mats, tend to be sturdier and hold up better over longer periods of time.


When looking at your options, the material and quality of the parts that make up an indoor putting surface may be the most important thing. If there's one thing you want out of your practice putting green, it's probably to brag about "how much it feels like the real thing." Tour-grade turf is not a given, so don't settle for a golf mat that feels nothing like the greens out on the course.

Stimp Speed

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a member of the high handicapper brigade, stimp speed is going to mean something different. The better you are the faster you'll want the stimp speed. The closer you are to being a beginner or high handicapper, you'll probably want slower, more reasonable green speeds to ensure your practice is fun and doesn't deter you from the game rather make you want to play more!

Average Star Rating

What are people online saying about the product you are interested in and what is their average star rating? Do your due diligence and research the companies you are interested in using. If possible, speak with real people who have used the company and inquire about their experience with the company and the installation process.

The Bottom Line

Whether you enjoy practicing or much prefer avoiding the anxiety associated with playing a full round of golf, you now know what to look for when building an indoor putting mat system in your home or at the office. The only true way to shave strokes off your scoring average and pad your wallet from your Sunday skins game is through consistent practice and successful repetition. PrimePutt's customizable indoor putting mats offer you the ability to achieve both from the comforts of your own home.


Are indoor putting greens worth the price tag?

Yes. There are many brands out there that offer cost-effective, customizable options to fit any budget. The convenience they offer makes them an ideal choice for those who want to practice their game without having to travel to a golf course. Also, indoor putting greens are often more accurate than outdoor greens because they are built and designed in a more consistent way. 

How much does it cost to put a putting green in your house?

This is dependent on the specifications of the build. It could cost as little as a couple hundred dollars all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars. Several things can affect how much it will cost to put in a full-fledged green on your property: 

  • Excavation/Drainage/Grading: Depending on the size of your putting green and the type of soil you have, you may need to have the area excavated, graded, and possibly have drainage systems installed. 
  • Turf Installation: You will need to purchase and install the turf on your putting green.
  • Fertilizer, Pesticides and Herbicides: To keep your putting green looking great, you will need to maintain it with fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • Irrigation System: To keep your putting green in top shape, you may need an irrigation system to keep it watered.
  • Sand: Depending on the type of putting green you install, you may need to add sand to the turf to create the proper ball roll.
  • Lighting: If you want to hit putts in the evening, you may need to install lighting or floodlights so you can see the green.

Can I build a putting green by myself?

Absolutely. Pre-made putting turf and putting mats are available for purchase. It could be as easy as ordering the putting green and unrolling it in your living room, or as mentioned previously, you could also go all out and install turf in your backyard. While both have their benefits, both also have their drawbacks. It depends on how much work and upkeep you’re willing to do. 

Do indoor putting greens really feel like real greens?

Some do, yes. It depends on the quality of materials used to build the putting green or mat. But feeling like real grass is not nearly as important as how the indoor putting greens perform when you practice your putts on it. A well-made putting mat will have a surface that replicates the feel of your stance and the handle of the ball on real grass. 

Can a putting green be made to mimic a specific green speed?

Absolutely! There are quite a few companies that will build an indoor putting green or putting mat to match your exact specifications,  and this includes the speed or stimp of the green.

Can I get better using an indoor putting mat?

Yes. Regardless of where you practice, repetition is what is going to help you gain confidence and get better. Here are other ways an indoor putting mat can help you improve your golf game:

  • Practice your stroke. Start by placing the ball at the same spot and practice the same stroke over and over again. This will help you develop a consistent motion and develop muscle memory.
  •  Practice different putts. Start by practicing straight putts, then work on different distances and angles. This will help you develop the ability to read the green and make accurate putts.
  • Analyze your stroke. Use a mirror or video to analyze your stroke and identify areas for improvement.
  • Improve your aim. Use aiming lines, alignment aids, and practice drills to improve your aim and accuracy.
  • Use the right equipment. Make sure you are using the right clubs and balls for your level of play.
  • Visualize your putts. Spend time visualizing yourself making successful putts. This will help you develop a positive mindset when you are on the course.
  • Warm up before you putt. Spend a few minutes warming up before you putt. This will help you loosen your muscles and get into the right mindset.
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